About Us

Garden State Auto Leasing was established in 2017.

Garden State Auto Leasing is the outcome of nine years of studying the car leasing industry in states such as New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware. This methodology helped us ensure we took the best practices from each State in our quest to become the premier car leasing broker in New Jersey. Garden State Auto Leasing has partnered with lease brokers, dealers, marketing executives, and wholesalers to ensure that our customers are afforded the expertise they deserve. We have also partnered with Garden State Car Wash to offer perks that dealers and other lease brokers will not be able to match. We’re looking forward to a long history with our valued customers and are anxious to meet everyone.

Frank Deluca

Frank has been a self-starting entrepreneur for many years. He now lives nearby with his wife and four children. He is the owner of Garden State Car Wash as well as Garden State Auto Leasing. You will most likely find him at the wash or leasing office seven days a week. His main focus is to ensure our customers are treated as guests and appreciate their time spent with us where our main goal is streamlining the auto leasing process for our customers by saving time and money.

Keith Medvin

Keith, a co-owner of Garden State Auto Leasing, has been working in various client services roles for the past 20 years and takes with him the ability to effectively communicate and understand client needs. Keith will be running the day to day operations for Garden State Auto Leasing and strives to ensure that every client gets the right car at the right price, but more importantly, has a first-class experience. Keith currently resides in Colts Neck, NJ with his wife, Jen, daughter, Mattea and their two dogs.